When You Care Enough to Send the Very Best

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The universe, it seems, is conspiring against the beloved greeting card. Everyone is time impoverished these days, and with the ease of emails, texts, and IMs, why would anyone go to the trouble to actually mail a card? With specialty store cards running a couple of bucks each and with first-class postage stamps nearly 50 cents each, sending regular cards can become a slightly costly hobby. But, I submit to you, gentle readers, that sending cards is still a worthy pursuit.

I don’t know when sending cards captured my heart. It might have been when I was in junior high-school when my pal Michelle Freeman and I spent the weekend with my great Aunt Googie in Oklahoma City. At the end of the trip, I saw Michelle preparing to write a thank-you note for my Aunt. I was puzzled and intrigued. I lament that many parents have entirely given up on teaching their kids such manners, but it wasn’t lost on me.

As I have aged, I have realized several things about cards. First, holiday cards, while increasingly rare, are sometimes given short shrift…..they are, after all, “expected.” But the card that arrives “out of the blue,” is a breath of fresh air—no matter how poorly one’s day is going. Second, while franchise cards stores like Papyrus or Hallmark offer a nice selection of cards for all occasions, there is nothing that beats a specially selected (or better yet hand-made card).  The best card combines perfect words with meaningful mementos.  While I realize this may not be a practical option for many busy people, but I must tell you between easily available graphics options on desktop computers, craft super stores such as Michael’s, and limitless options to buy specialty products online in spots such as EBay and Etsy, one can customize and personalize cards for any person in his or her life.  

I routinely collect “knick-knacks” in my travels and at flea markets, knowing that at some point I will it will be a perfect addition for a card—for someone in my life or a loved one of a friend or colleague. The card included was created for the brother of a friend, for father’s day. This fellow is a pilot, so I mad a simple collage with a mechanical drawing of a plane, aviation maps, and vintage photographs of stewards and stewardesses in classic 60s poses.  Perhaps the cards below will provide a bit of inspiration! I promise—you will make the day of the recipient.

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Life-Cycle Celebrant Sarah Ritchie respects all faiths. She has received diplomas from the Celebrant Foundation & Institute, USA, where she now serves as a faculty member. Sarah wants to lead the way in creating a ceremony that reflects you, your love, and all the things that you hold most dear in the world. She lives in New York City, but brings along a hospitality that she attributes to her home, Oklahoma. In addition to this work that she adores, she devotes herself to a variety of charities on issues relating to education, children, health, and the arts.

2 Comments on "When You Care Enough to Send the Very Best"

  1. Holly November 14, 2012 at 10:44 am · Reply

    Totally agree Sarah. And Michelle Freeman! Blast from the past. My childhood neighborhood friend too. I adore handwritten notes and still send them.

  2. Michelle November 14, 2012 at 3:37 pm · Reply

    Yes! It’s our tradition to make cards for each other in my family :) We used to go all out, and sometimes still do. I have to admit “busy-ness” has crowded it out a bit in recent years, but I long to return to it :) My daughter just made the most beautiful card for my husband on his birthday. We keep those forever. I have a cupboard full of papers and scrapbooking supplies just for that purpose.

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