Lessons from the Quaker Way of Life

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I recently came across A Little Book of Quaker Wisdom.   The book concludes with a list of suggestions in living the Quaker way of life.

Seize the present…..

Love yourself, whatever faults you have, and love the world, however bad it is…..

Stop talking and listen to what you really know…..

Play soccer! (or whatever team sport you like)…..

Accept the fact that our lives are only partly in our own hands…..

Believe in the perfectibility of yourself and society…..

Make your love visible in the world through your work…..

Seek justice in the world, but now in your own life…..

Look for the light of God in every person…..

Let your life speak…..

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Life-Cycle Celebrant Sarah Ritchie respects all faiths. She has received diplomas from the Celebrant Foundation & Institute, USA, where she now serves as a faculty member. Sarah wants to lead the way in creating a ceremony that reflects you, your love, and all the things that you hold most dear in the world. She lives in New York City, but brings along a hospitality that she attributes to her home, Oklahoma. In addition to this work that she adores, she devotes herself to a variety of charities on issues relating to education, children, health, and the arts.

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