Galentine’s Day!

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For many of us ladies, the annual Valentine’s Day celebration is, well, a downer. Sure, much of the holiday is a commercial concoction to encourage folks to buy flowers, chocolates, and jewels, with fabulously choreographed dates featuring dinners, vacation getaways, trips to the spa, and more.  So, we hold our nose knowing that “This, too, shall pass.”

One of my delightful young colleagues introduced me to “Galentine’s Day,” a terrific alternative for women, single or not. Dear Alison, a bundle of energy and optimism, posted a tribute to her gal pals on social media, referring to this holiday.  Along the lines of the ever-popular Seinfeld creation “Festivus” (an alternative to Christmas and Hanukah), this holiday was also birthed by a situation comedy—in this case Parks and Recreation, the show featuring the ensemble cast led by Saturday Night Live alum Amy Poelher.

Galentine’s Day goes something like this: girlfriends jettison the men in their life (and other obligations) to share time and a meal together.  In the inspired Parks and Rec episode, breakfast was the meal of choice.  “Leslie,” (Poelher’s character) gives each girlfriend a gift bag with a bouquet of hand-crocheted flower pens, a mosaic portrait of each of them made from the crushed bottles of their favorite diet soda, and a personalized 5,000 word essay about why they are awesome.

Allison, one of my role models, in how to tend my relationships with women friends posted the social media message as seen here.   Chocolates and flowers don’t hold a candle to that kind of love.  See a tribute to the holiday on Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls Facebook Page.

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