Counting our Blessings

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I imagine many of us, myself included, have spent time over the last few days drafting lists of New Year’s resolutions,
long and short.  I’d be embarrassed to let you in on how many resolutions I have!  Some of my friends try to downplay the pressure of “resolutions” by setting “intentions” for the brand new year.  And, lately  I have seen a post repeated on my facebook pages–both those for individuals and those representing organizations and business–which offer an entirely new approach to goalmaking.

Perhaps you’ve seen others writing about starting the year with an empty jar or container.  Throughout the year, we are instructed to drop paper slips into the jar listing various blessings or good things we have witnessed.  The year’s bounty is reviewed at the end of the year.  I think the idea is brilliant.  It is a festive approach to the trend of keeping gratitude journals.  And, it is an optimistic version of the so-called God box.  A number of my spiritual friends have a similar container where they place their burdens and worries and petitions to God.  From time-to-time, she will review the papers of her “problems,” which have been symbolically turned over to the Divine.  Most usually, the keeper of the box will find that many worries never took place or were resolved in a positive fashion.  It can be a real training tool to shift perceptions that life is filled with vexing, insurmountable problem.  In fact, things usually turn out much better than we expect.

I’ve gathered some of my memory boxes and will expect to share good news at the end of the year!

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Life-Cycle Celebrant Sarah Ritchie respects all faiths. She has received diplomas from the Celebrant Foundation & Institute, USA, where she now serves as a faculty member. Sarah wants to lead the way in creating a ceremony that reflects you, your love, and all the things that you hold most dear in the world. She lives in New York City, but brings along a hospitality that she attributes to her home, Oklahoma. In addition to this work that she adores, she devotes herself to a variety of charities on issues relating to education, children, health, and the arts.

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